About TraXion

TraXion is building an ecosystem where everybody can work together for the common good by enforcing data integrity, accountability, transparency and trust. Our solution is a smart contract–enabled blockchain platform that is scalable, immutable, transparent and permissioned.

We're making it possible for anyone to enjoy inclusive financial services through our TraXion Wallet. From Payments, Remittances, Lending, to Healthcare, Insurance, and more. We are building the infrastructure that will allow more people all over the world to enjoy financial services more securely, transparently, and more trustworthily.


Easy. Frictionless. Compliant.

Ann Cuisia


Jojy Azurin


Bermil Espina


Robert Calida


Jason Dela Rosa

Head of Business Development

Raymonde Sawal

Marketing Head in Charge of UK

Iurii Znak

Marketing and Investment Consultant

Jourdan Sebastian

Market Influencer

Karl Del Val

Head of Marketing and UX

Christopher Asinas

Community Manager

Phillip Nunn

International Blockchain Advisor

Yobie Benjamin

International Blockchain Partnership Advisor

Preston Junger

International Blockchain Advisor

Burton Crapps

Fintech Advisor

Joey Leviste

Independent Director

Krishan Grover

Business & Partnership Advisor

Tony Herbosa

Finance and Investments Advisor

Randell Tiongson

Finance and Investments Advisor

Rafael Padilla

Legal & Compliance Advisor

TraXion has assembled an expert management team with a diverse range of talents and skills. TraXion has assembled an expert management team with a diverse range of talents and skills.


We continue to build strong relationships with both large corporations and organizations the underserved communities trust to ensure increasing demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency use.


TraXion Continues to Soar!


On top of excellence in their respective fields, TraXion team members constantly contribute to their communities.

TraXion signing up the country's biggest charitable organization, Gawad Kalinga.

CEO Ann Cuisia explains how Parachure.com digitized personal finance data into meaningful insights at the Seamless Digital Commerce Summit, Sept 2017.

Strategies Director Jojy Azurin talks about digital commerce experience at the Seamless Digital Commerce Summit Sept 2017.

At the Click Conference, CEO Ann Cuisia discusses social impact of online giving last June 2017.

College interns from PUP gets a hardcore training on blockchain at the TraXion offices.

At the formal launch of the Gavagives.com, a TraXion company, CEO Ann Cuisia gives an inspirational speech.

Donations platform Gavagives.com, a TraXion company, gets on the front page coverage of BusinessMirror.

Picture of Ann with In the Loop News Anchors

CEO Ann Cuisia interviewed 'In The Loop' on online donations show at the ANC Channel.

CEO Ann Cuisia, who is also Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of the Cloud Security Alliance, discusses blockchain at the CSA Conference, February 2018.

TraXion continues to educate and build awareness on the promises of blockchain technology for modern livelihood.

Traxion signs with SEACOOP or Seamanpreneurs Consumers Cooperative to roll our SeaPay Wallet, a whitelabeled “bank-in-wallet” blockchain solution for their seafarer members and their families.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

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Token Price0.0007 ETH

Hard Cap

50,000,000 USD






TraXion is building a blockchain to last by focusing on scalability, elimination of middlemen and decentralization of legacy systems. We will raise initial funds to achieve these goals through a token sale for our TraXion token (TXN).